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Mijas Pueblo

Iglesia de la Inmaculada Conception in Mijas Pueblo

The geometry of the church pleases me. I especially like the sunny backside. The church sits there very, very naturally. It was erected in its present scope in 1505. A square brick tower is what is left from the Mezquita which stood on its place.

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Despite of Mijas Pueblo being a tourist cliche, it has retained its charm. It must be because of the site on top of a steep cliff and the labyrinth-like street plan. The town also has three or four distinctive parts. All in different levels and small; in human proportions.

We drive up to Mijas regularly. Just to walk around the gardens which surround the church, to have a beer or a bocadillo. The most convenient way to park the car is to turn left just before the main street gets really narrow and head down to Parking Virgen de la Peña. An elevator takes you up right to the lower market square.